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Better Runtime Diagnostics

Hi everyone! Right now I'm working on open-source free tool for Unity, which will allow developers to preview colliders/transforms/collisions just in Game View or in Build.

From my point of view Unity really lacks system which will show debug info over Game View or in Build. For example, while you testing VR from headset, or sending build to tester, you need more info that you can't normally log or you need to compare logs to video. In such a case BetterRuntimeDiagnostics will help to gather info.

This plugin will contain:

  1. Preview for objects on scene and their bounds;
  2. Draw Raycast in Game View or build;
  3. Watch collisions and triggers between colliders;
  4. Watch CPU/GPU/RAM/Disk/Networking usage.

As well you can check my other plugins already published by the link

You can support Ukraine - here or here

And you can support me - Ko-fi or Patreon

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