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Design with Love, UX of Figma Plugins, TikTok Algorithm — and more UX this week

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How to design with love? →

By José Torre

It’s easy to get excited about your job if you’re designing for a company or industry that you really care about. The reality: most people won’t actually get to do that. Research from Gallup has found that only 13% of people are actually engaged at work, which leaves 87% not happy. So… is all hope lost?

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Stories from the community

The UX of Figma plugins

By Yuan Qing Lim

10 evil types of dark UX patterns

By Danny Sapio

Beyond the binary: designing gender inclusive forms

By Micah Bennett

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Tools & resources

  • Meet Direct → Google’s tool to explain motion design details.
  • Switching Software → Ethical, private alternatives to famous software.
  • Icon Set → Organize SVG icons in one place.
  • Store Previewer → Preview your app on the app store without publishing it.

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