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Toxic solutioning, form vs function, blurred vision

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  • Book of the year: A Civic Technologist’s Practice Guide
  • Blog of the year: The Architecture of Information
  • Game of the year: Baba is You

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The UX Collective is honored to have been recognized as the Best Design Publication of 2020 at the Brazil Design Awards. 💙

The results of the State of CSS survey are out, and the State of JS survey is now open.

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I disguised as an Instagram UX influencer for 4 months; this is what I learned

By Teisanu Tudor

Form vs. function: when is it okay to be weird?

By Jason Brush

The problem of toxic solutioning

By Nathan Robinson

Do stories make social media more addictive?

By Anna E. Cook

Learn like a scientist, think like a PM, work like a designer

By Boon Yew Chew

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