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Why Conferences Can Be So Important For You, As A Developer.

Alright, So now you are probably wondering that why conferences matter, here are some benefits of attending a conference:

Job Opportunities

  • If you are looking for a job, then the best place to look for are conferences, most of the time, in these conferences there are partners called ”Hiring Partners”, these are companies which are looking for employees. Their own agents wander and interact with everyone like normal, but when they feel you are the right person for the job, they request you to send your resume! So represent yourself nicely. I have seen a person get an interview from a reputed company at djangocon2021, myself! He did not have any degree he was self taught, so that does not matter!

Meeting Like Minded People.

  • In a conference, you find many like minded people, love python? There will be others who love python there as well! This will lead to constructive discussions, which will change your perspective and knowledge. You can tackle problems together and come to a solution also. You can make friends there! And find people to collaborate with!


  • This is not more valuable than the previous point but it is a plus point, in most of these conferences there are many giveaways.


  • This is the most important point of all, when you attend these conferences you build your knowledge, you learn from fellow speakers or even the attendees.

Personal Branding/Identity

  • Conferences are the best place to showcase your skills, projects or Saas products, because you can never know if you are talking to a future client, employer, partner, or consumer. For example, I am now thinking of buying a Saas product, because of the way the person I talked to presented himself and his product.

So now you know why conferences can be very important for you as a developer.

Before you leave reading this blogpost, i would highly recommend a conference which I am also attending:

Git Commit Show it’s the world’s largest 2 day conference from November 27 to 28, where you can meet with senior engineers,researchers, scientists, and professors while being at home!

It has all the perks i mentioned earlier, dedicated discord channels for networking, giveaways, and job opportunities!

So I hope I will meet you there at the git commit show!

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Saurabh Rai

This is a nice opportunity! And amazing post! @vaarun_sinha 🎉

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Vaarun Sinha

Yeah, Sure, Hope I will meet you there!