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Vaarun Sinha
Vaarun Sinha

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My Second Hackathon Was Awesome! Here are some tips for a great hackathon.

So we started with our amazing Idea educrypt, though none of us knew how to make a discord bot, except me I had little knowledge... Our project was based on discord and the web.

You know why this hackathon was successful? Because of team work.

So here are some tips for a successful team:

  • Be respectful to each other.
  • Listen to every idea, then decide.
  • Don't be stubborn
  • Give your own ideas
  • Complete the work assigned to you
  • And have fun!
  • Contribute

You can see, our project on devpost:

Also the organisers were always active in discord, and were really helpful.

So great team + great organisers are the main elements which identify a great hackathon experience.

Here are some things to consider before teaming with other people:

  • Time zone,(if they are dedicated and can meet in early morning or late nights then this does not matter)
  • Skills (Do they have skills, similar to yours? Even if they have only some skills, if they can learn new things fast, then this does not matter also.)

So I hope that you win your next hackathon, till then:

Happy Coding

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Vaarun Sinha

Feedback is highly appreciated, if you find any problem/mistakes (which is unlikely) then please comment the problem and I will fix it.

Hope you learnt something valuable today.

Hope You Have A Nice Day Ahead!

Happy Coding!

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Vaarun Sinha • Edited

I just realised that I have not posted the first hackathon experience blog post

How my first hackathon went horribly wrong:

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Trúc Phạm

I need a group like that.
Text a đặt

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Vaarun Sinha

Don't worry you will surely get one!