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Diary (Free) by Storytics / Journal with Pin

Diary (Free) by Storytics is a diary/journal where you can use to reflect on the past or plan for the future. Focused on simplicity, keep your thoughts organized by several diaries/journals with unlimited pages securely through a pin code.

With a simple and clear design, you can easily focus on writing and if you write your diaries/journals at night, take the opportunity to switch to the dark theme and write in a beautiful text-focused editor.

Secure and Private:

Write your diaries in a safe environment where only you have control over the content that is created, and if you want you can enable a pin code/biometry layer to your Diaries or Journal.

Customizable, Easy, and Minimalist:

Simple and minimalist, Diary by Storytics offers a simple experience of writing journals, diaries with support for light and dark themes. Finally, organize your diaries through color customization, a simple way to organize your memories.

Automatic Database Backup:

If you want to keep your diaries and journals in a safe place without losing them in case something happens to your phone, then the premium plan is perfect for you.

Included in your Diary:

  • Simple and beautiful design;
  • Text-focused editor;
  • Private and with support for Pin Code;
  • Dark and light themes;
  • Customization of diaries/journals through colors;
  • Automatic Database Backup with Premium (optional)

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