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Web Friday: Hunt 1

Web Friday Hunt is a new series of publications that I will start doing every Friday, sharing here links to articles, applications, tools, tutorials or anything related to developers that I will find on the internet.

In context, I am always looking for new things on the internet related to programmers, this can be new tools, libraries or even frameworks. Most I keep in my bookmarks to be able to use or even experiment in the future

I hope you like the list below, contribute or discuss any of the links mentioned by leaving a comment. By the way, I wanted to know if you prefer these posts with a cover or without a cover image?

The Hunt

Tools, Libraries & Frameworks

Open Source

Apps & Products

Articles & Tuts


As you can see, it is a highly opinionated list, but these are things that I find and keep and now I will share with you every Friday.

Leave in the comments how I can improve with new categories, or another aspect. Thank you for your time and good Friday. 🚀

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