New boilerplate project quickstart with Next.js TypeScript powered by Zeit Now with built-in Sentry support

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Today, I wanted to quickly get started with building an API to test one of the many 3rd party API we rely on, won't go into details but I wanted to basically make it accessible from Google Sheet, to generate reports using https://medium.com/unly-org/how-to-consume-any-json-api-using-google-sheets-and-keep-it-up-to-date-automagically-fb6e94521abd

But, damn, couldn't find anything to get starter quickly ... Lots of official boilerplates at https://zeit.co/new but none looked like what I needed (API-oriented project).

So, I built one, based on the NextJS template (I don't care about the frontend capabilities and don't plan on using them, but since the API doesn't rely on Next, it won't slow down the API itself, while giving me more flexibility if I ever need to build some UI).

I wanted something I could reuse very easily for future projects, so I figured using Zeit Now would just make sense as hosting platform (kinda love their GitHub integrated "Deploy" button, quite smart and useful to try out things on the fly very quickly).

Also, Zeit Now provides a decent free plan, so anyone can just get started anytime (unlike AWS...)

I want to build something very simple, one endpoint (for now, those things tends to grow faster than expected... Kinda like kids!) but I need something production-grade, with monitoring (Sentry), error handling (Sentry), unit tests (Jest), you name it. I focused on the most useful and here it is!


Also, I love Serverless and that's another reason why I picked Next.js (in serverless mode) because it'll just scale when needed, and "downscale" when unused, and I don't want to pay for unused uptime, so it's really a good fit for my use case.

I plan to release another OSS boilerplate with a very complex Next.js app, focused on both frontend and backend this time, who would be interested? (been working on it for two weeks, quite a lot of things to get right, it's tough!)


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Vadorequest Author

We just released a new OSS project! Check out github.com/UnlyEd/next-right-now which is Next.js app, powered by Zeit, with full TypeScript support.

It's a production-grade boilerplate which provides lots of built-in tools and utilities, with a developer-centric experience to build quality software.

dev > staging > prod workflow with automated per-commit/branch deployments, E2E tests, and a lot more!