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10+ bonus resources from the Dev Weekly newsletter (Issue #28) πŸ“§

Check out the bonus resources of the previous week πŸ‘€

For those who don't know what Dev Weekly is, it's a weekly developer-focussed newsletter which I've created in order to share resources which I get to other developers in order to help them.

Dev Weekly covers not only dev related links but also for UI/UX designers, comes with weekly coding challenges, some tips on life and industry, events to attend, videos and tutorials. It finishes off with a Repo of the Week. All in all, it's a newsletter which will help everyone in the industry, that's why it comes with more than 50 resources in a single issue. It can be a lot to take in for a newbie but I suggest reading 1-2 articles a day of your choice.

But wait...I collect more resources like these in a week so I've decided that those links which couldn't be added in this week's issue to be listed here. I hope you will enjoy these articles/videos. Cheers! 🍻

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Here we goooo!

_**Bold** ones are my favourite_

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Miscellaneous

  1. Youtuber Dennis Ivy learned coding and sold a website for $40k - No CS Degree

  2. Getting Your First Gig as a Freelance Developer - Codementor

  3. Monolithic and Microservices - Noteworthy

  4. 5 Practices to Eliminate Bad Code - DZone

  5. Calculating Pi: My attempt at breaking the Pi World Record - Timothy Mullican

  6. 5 Important Lessons I Learnt As A Software Engineer - Hackernoon

  7. Overload Functions in Python - Arpit Bhayani

πŸ“± Mobile App Development

  1. Flutter, Fastlane, and Firebase App Distribution - Ryan Edge

  2. Migrating our component library to the Material Button - Overflow Blog

  3. Dagger 2 Tutorial For Android: Advanced -

🌐 Web Development

  1. πŸ–Š CodePen of the week: Unsubscribe game by Aaron Iker & What's behind ? by Kevin Levron

  2. React Internationalization with i18n - Robin Wieruch

  3. Make a WebGL powered US Counties Map with D3 and Three.js - Tips 4 Devs

  4. Data Fetching using Vue Hooks - Darren Jennings

  5. React-Three-Fiber: Build 3D for the Web With React and WebGL Easily - Better Programming on Medium

  6. How to Fetch and Parse RSS Feeds in JavaScript - CSS Tricks


On Design Thinking - n+1

🌟 Repositories of the Week

  1. computer-vision-basics-in-microsoft-excel by amzn

  2. watcher by dart-lang

🎬 Video(s)

  1. Should a junior developer be fired if they goof up? - RealToughCandy

  2. 6 Ways to KILL a Great UI Design - Design Course

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