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100 websites to bookmark for your next dev/web project 👩‍💻

vaibhavkhulbe profile image Vaibhav Khulbe Updated on ・5 min read

After some good websites for UI design, I do have a huge collection of developer resources. I've been bookmarking these from the last 2-3 years and I hope they'll be useful. Whether you're just starting to code or if you just want to learn something new online, this list has it all.

This time I've decided to break them down in categories as it will be difficult for everyone to go through 100 links one after another. Most of these are geared towards web development. 🌐

Note: if you're reading this in future, find any link broken, then let me know in the comments or via Twitter. I want to keep this updated. Also, bold ones are my favourites.

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Let's jump in!🤩

🔖 Websites for Programming

  1. JetBrains Academy
  2. Learn X in Y minutes
  3. 30 seconds of code (PWA)
  4. The Modern JavaScript Tutorial

🔖 Cheatsheets

  1. Cheatography: Programming Cheat Sheets
  2. Devhints
  3. OverAPI

🔖 Open Source tools

  1. Google Open Source

🔖 Blogs and Articles

  1. Codementor
  2. 20 Top Frontend Developers Tools in 2020
  3. CSS Layout Tutorial, Step by Step
  4. Developer School
  5. Flutter Awesome
  6. Upmostly
  7. React Libraries in 2020
  8. Flutter Clutter. Thanks @flutterclutter for the suggestion.

🔖 Websites on UI and Design

Here's something I wrote earlier you UI designers...
  1. Design Systems for Developers
  2. Creative Tim
  3. HTMLstream
  5. Cruip

🔖 Online courses/tutorials

  1. Laracasts
  2. Codecourse
  3. Vue Mastery (PWA)
  4. Google Play Academy for App Success
  5. GitHub Learning Lab
  6. Qwiklabs
  7. JavaScript 30
  8. Flutter Crash Course
  9. Chris Courses
  10. Google Codelabs
  11. Google Developers: Technical Writing (PWA)
  12. Codrops
  14. Level Up Tutorials
  15. Flutter Tutorial by Cybdom Tech
  16. GoRails
  17. newline by FullStack
  18. Design+Code
  19. How to GraphQL
  20. Thinkster
  22. Pusher Tutorials
  23. Scrimba
  24. What The Flexbox?!
  25. CSS Animation
  26. Educative
  27. 5 free Pluralsight courses
  28. FlutterLearn
  29. Frontend Masters
  30. App Academy Open

🔖 Coding Challenges

  1. CodinGame
  2. #100DaysOfCode
  3. Codewars

🔖 Libraries/Frameworks

  1. Glorious Demo
  2. docz
  3. Slate Docs
  4. Magic Animations CSS 3
  6. Awesome React

🔖 Tools

  1. Carbon (PWA)
  2. Android Starters
  3. Grow with Google
  4. Rect Toolbox
  5. Free Developer Software & Services - Visual Studio
  6. GraphQL Editor
  7. Tiny Helpers
  8. (PWA)
  9. Todo MVC
  10. .dev
  11. CSS Layout
  12. Make a smooth shadow, friend
  13. BrowserStack
  14. UI Interactions
  16. CSSeffectsSnippets
  18. Screenzy (PWA)

🔖 Misc

  1. devSwag
  2. Class Central
  3. (PWA)
  4. Applied CS Skills | Google For Education
  5. Eloquent JavaScript
  6. TypeOfNaN JavaScript Quizzes (PWA)
  7. DevDocs API Documentation
  9. Namecheap x Codecademy
  11. Hero35
  12. Free Frontend
  13. CodeMyUI
  14. Road to React
  15. Google Digital Unlocked
  16. Git Explorer
  17. Hashnode
  18. Google Tech Dev Guide
  19. React Resources
  20. Reactiflux
  21. API List

🔖 And of course, the DEV Community (if you haven't bookmarked it already 🌝

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My work is done here, and I can dance now 🕺

Special mention to the Frontend Mentor website, they have really cool challenges and community!

I hope you liked my collection of developer resources. If you have some good websites to bookmark, drop them down in comments. Maybe I do something similar for careers/jobs! (up next...👀).

I hope you all stay safe in the current scenario, another great website to bookmark is WHO's COVID - 19 website.

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PS: From this year, I've decided to write here on DEV Community. Previously, I wrote on Medium. If anyone wants to take a look at my articles, here's my Medium profile.

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flutterclutter profile image


This is a pretty awesome list, thank you for collecting it. I like the variety of languages, UI frameworks and libraries being covered. I have a suggestion, though: Namecheap x Codecademy does not work for me. Maybe the link is broken?

If you like, you might want to add Flutterclutter in addition to the three other Flutter blogs / tutorials you have listed. It's something I have started and it seems to be well received by the community.

vaibhavkhulbe profile image
Vaibhav Khulbe Author • Edited

Hey there, that link is under "System maintenance" as shown on their website.

Cool, I'll add that blog, like the different types of tutorials. Good work!

Edit: Done! I've added your blog under "Blogs and Articles" #8

flutterclutter profile image

Wow, very quick response. Thank you for the information. I have only seen the 503, haven't come up with the idea of checking their main website.

Thanks a lot for inserting my blog in the list :).

stanbright profile image
Stan Bright

Hey Vaibhav, this is a great list in general. However, I'd suggest some updates/improvements.

For example, you've listed, but it doesn't seem to be functioning. I guess that one should be removed? You could add in that section (a project I'm working on).

p.s. I will feature your post on this week's Awesome React Newsletter

vaibhavkhulbe profile image
Vaibhav Khulbe Author

Hi Stan, thank you for pointing out the fix. I'll definitely update that and wow, didn't know about your project. Great work! I'll be personally bookmarking your website and replacing it with the link you suggested 😉

And a BIG THANK YOU for adding my article to your newsletter, I've subscribed to that, looking forward to reading the next issue.

Psst...I also have a weekly dev newsletter called Dev Weekly.

quyennt21 profile image
Quyen Nguyen

Thanks so much!

vaibhavkhulbe profile image
Vaibhav Khulbe Author

Welcome! I hope this will help you :)

pratham82 profile image
Prathamesh Mali

Dude JetBrains academy is awesome i just started with it.

vaibhavkhulbe profile image
Vaibhav Khulbe Author

Hell yeah! 🔥

madza profile image

Laracasts are awesome

vaibhavkhulbe profile image
teamallnighter profile image
Chris Connelly


vaibhavkhulbe profile image
Vaibhav Khulbe Author

Enjoy and bookmark!

mnepita profile image
Martin Nepita

Thank so much for this huge list of resources! stay safe.

vaibhavkhulbe profile image
Vaibhav Khulbe Author

Welcome! You to stay safe :)

gagansingh profile image
Gagandeep Singh

I wanna say, you are awesome man!!
Thanks for sharing such a rich content.

vaibhavkhulbe profile image
Vaibhav Khulbe Author

My pleasure! Thanks for reading :)

codeperfectplus profile image
Deepak Raj

Thanks for sharing it's helpful.

vaibhavkhulbe profile image
awesomeironman profile image
Cyrus Gracias

And I bookmarked this article!

vaibhavkhulbe profile image
r_ravishankar profile image
Ravishankar Radhakrishnan

Thanks, Vaibhav. This is a fantastic collection

vaibhavkhulbe profile image
Vaibhav Khulbe Author

I'm glad you liked it!

mevko4 profile image

Great article thanks for this

vaibhavkhulbe profile image