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Valentino Urbano
Valentino Urbano

Posted on

Just launched my first app on Product Hunt - Free My Desktop

Just launched Free My Desktop for Mac!

Hides all the icons from your desktop with a click

I’ve been doing some screen recordings lately and I needed a way to quickly hide my desktop while recording and flip it back to visible once done in succession. I made this simple menubar app in under an hour, that can be toggled on and off by a simple tap. On top of showing and hiding the desktop, it also works for the dock and the menubar.

Made in less than an hour

500 visitors so far

Completely free

🙏 Let me know what you think and if you have any questions!

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abelagoi profile image
Agoi Abel Adeyemi

Hi there, I love it, I noticed it before reading it here though.

Keep doing the good work

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