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Valentino Gagliardi
Valentino Gagliardi

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What's your favourite job board?

How do you usually apply for frontend/JavaScript or other IT positions?

  • through the company website
  • through Linkedin
  • through job boards

What's the website that works best for you? Asking for a couple of friends wanting to change job.

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Sebastian Vargr

I get contacted frequently on linkedIn by recruiters, so that seems like a good place start, if for nothing else, then just for the networking opportunities.

The stackoverflow jobs section has caught my eye more than once tho, I haven’t applied through it before however.

I’ve also added my profile to a couple of consultant company sites, I used to do contracting, so it made sense then.

Most of my contracts problably started by connecting with people on LinkedIn tho.

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Hi, this is a nice question. I am looking for a new junior frontend developer position as well and I look a lot at the company website and their career's page because i find it more detailed then the other options. Curious what other people do as well :)

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Sviatoslav Melnychenko • Edited


Jobboard - Glassdoor.