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DB Administration tools on Linux

I've been using HeidiSQL on Windows pretty extensively to work with mysql, and have gotten to love its simple-yet-powerful design. I've been looking left and right for a similar tool under Linux, but there seems to be none available. I'm not a fan of MySQL Workbench, and DBeaver was a little underwhelming for me as well. I've tried DataGrip from JetBrains, and while it's a lot nicer to use than some of the other alternatives, I still found myself missing HeidiSQL. I believe I'll just have to continue using it with wine, even though the graphics are a little wonky.

Are there any great alternatives that run smoothly on linux? Is there anything that can be recommended?

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Alan Alvarez

I use TablePlus on MacOS. It has a free version and it's available on linux

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Martin Valter

It looks great! How haven't I come across it yet? It has a very similar feature set, and while I'll need to get used to some differences, it actually has a bunch of "keep it safe" functions that are even superior to Heidi.

Thank you for the recommendation!

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