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A thanks to my 3000 followers

Looking back 1,5 years ago i didn’t think anyone would want to listen to a almost 40 year old dev rambling on about WordPress. I don't mean to talk down on myself here, but to be fair... i sense Php and WordPress, while being relatively dominant in usage, isn’t the cool and hip thing to learn and experiment with in 2020. Something i really disagree with btw.

I started blogging mainly for myself because writing and attempting to explain something to someone else is one of the best ways i know to solidify you own knowledge. Something i can recommend any developer to do. And to be honest i really really really suck at open source development, so this is my way of giving back to the community i learned so much from myself.

Of course any blog post is worth the effort if only a single other person reads it and learns something they didn’t know before. But I’m only human, and seeing more then one person taking an interest is a good feeling.

So in my mind I set a little personal goal to reach 3000 followers in 2020. And just shy of 6 months in, you all have helped me to reach that milestone.

So i just want to say I'm humbled and thank you all so much for following and supporting my efforts to help out fellow WordPress/Web developers.

If you are considering blogging your self, i want to say "go for it" you will learn so much by doing so, and you will for sure help out someone struggling with the thing you write about.

I would also love to connect on twitter so come and find me at @Vanaf1979 :)

Again, thank you for supporting me. You are amazing.

Cheers, ans stay safe,


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