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Stephan Nijman
Stephan Nijman

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WordPress Dev Monthly Recap June 2019

Originally posted on my website on June 29th 2019

WordPress June in short.

The month of June brought the WordPress 5.2.2 Maintenance Release with 13 bug fixes and some refinements to the Site Health feature. Gutenberg 5.9 introduced the useSelect and useDispatch custom React Hooks. And Gutenberg 6.0 among other features adds Snackbar notices and Pre-defined layout for the Columns block.

Another big event was WordCamp Europe 2019. An impressive list of speakers held their talks in Berlin Germany. Including Matt Mullenweg on WordPress, For the love of code: Modernizing plugins and themes by Juliette Reinders Folmer, Advanced database management for plugins by John Jacoby and Designing your first Gutenberg block by Mel Choyce

WordPress releases.

WordPress tutorials and resources.

Web development tutorials and resources.


If you have any suggestions for good article or other resources please do let me know! You can get in touch via Twitter: Vanaf1979 or

Have a great Juli

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