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Stephan Nijman
Stephan Nijman

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WordPress Monthly Dev Digest #021

Originally posted on my website on August 31th 2020

WordPress august in short.

While WordPress 5.5.1 is underway the big news this month was the releaase of WordPress 5.5. The official blog post can be found here, and i also listed a lot of the new developer goodies in the previous version of this series.

In related news, Elliot Condon and his team released a new version of the Advanced Custom Fields plugin. Besides a whole lot of improvements this new version (5.9) now includes support for inner blocks.







If you have any suggestions for good article or resources please do let me know! Follow me on twitter @Vanaf1979 or on @Vanaf1979 to be notified about the next article in this series, and other WordPress development related stuff.

Stay safe and have a great August.

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nastyox • Edited

Thanks for listing my project in the top spot for js and mentioning it on twitter. The support is very much appreciated, and I'm glad people are finding it useful :)

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Thank you very much for featuring my article 💖