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Finally started on my local

My background: working with Java, NodeJS and Frontend for some years and has no Rails experiences

Here are my summaries:

FROM node:8.15.1-alpine AS alpine-ruby-node
  • It took me an hour to figure out the Postgres role issue with my current OS username.

Here is how to solve:

Login into postgres:

psql --user postgres --password

To list users:

postgres=# \du

To add a user:

postgres=# CREATE ROLE my_current_OS_user WITH LOGIN PASSWORD 'Pa$$w0rd'; 

And grant createDB privilege:

ALTER ROLE my_current_OS_user CREATEDB
  • Register Github Oauth

HomePage URL: http://localhost:3000

Authorization callback URL: http://localhost:3000/users/auth/github/callback

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Duc Nguyen

My first PR in RnR: haha

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Haha, cool idea! I should try that, too. I have also no experience with rails, I'll have a look! :)