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Impact of UI/UX on your business website

Impact of UI/UX on your business website

When talking about impact of UI on website, most people jump to result far too early. It is true that UI/UX designs is leading in web and mobile development. This is why many business owners or site administrators forgot professional UI/UX optimization.

Being business owners, you must have come across the terms UI and UX. We’ve detailed the UI/UX trends in 2020.

Studies have shown that 79% of people are ready to leave a website if their initial impressions are not so good.Minor changes to your UI/UX can make a great impact on your business website and in some cases can even boost up your sales by up to 20%! After all, no website is alone in any given alcove. Let’s take a look at several ways in which both UI/UX design principles can affect your site and boost up like rocket.

Clearing the proverbial air: Impact of UI on Website

Implementing UI/UX into your website is all about understanding the base level work. With that in mind, let’s talk about each of these.

UI stands for User Interface , or some would like to say as user interface “design”. It covers the literal and technical design of different quality of visual aspects of your website and any other digital medium. The most important UI elements of a website are its navigation bar and its respective drop-down menus and buttons. This is the most basic and fundamental description of what a UI is and how it can be viewed.

UX on the other hand stands for User Experience , or also it is called as user experience design. This process spin around understanding your core requirements, what their needs are and how you can achieve them. It depends on psychology, starting the base design process.

While visuals do have their retrial, the UX element of a website usually takes the jump when it comes to boosting sales, building traffic and popularity. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some focal reasons as to why you should care about UI and UX in your website.

1. Form follows function

For your website, the functions should be easily recognizable. You should be able to easily find your navigation’s to go to your website other pages, which pages you’re on, and where to go next. For example: Take a look at a pen, you can easily find which side is the writing side is by looking at it. It’s obviously the side with the point where ink comes out of. If it’s a retractable pen, it’s easy to notice that there’s a button on the top of the pen, and when you tap on it the pen tip appears. Make sure your graphics supports the flow.

impact of ui on website: webflow
Form follows function

2. Higher conversion rates

Conversion rate represents the percentage of visitors who stay on your website after their initial visit. More importantly, it highlights how many visitors are “converted” into customers, subscribers and active participants. Usually, you want your conversion rates to be high as possible to ensure organic growth of your business and website spemnd time. There is no better way to do this by adding new UI/UX principles.

The Word Point feature various options in regards to translation and localization which can boostup your site above the competition. Remember that your conversion rates represent the end-all metric in regards to your growth – don’t skip on UI and UX innovations in this regard.

Conversion rate for digital marketing
Higher conversion rates

3. Adds up to your SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) represents the lifeline of every online businesses. If you don’t optimize your content as per Google’s regulations, your traffic and revenue will suffer because of it. While it may sound extreme at first, Forbes published a convincing argument for SEO in digital content. It highlights the importance of having a lightweight content website with as much as accessibility and responsiveness as possible.

Implementing smart, user-friendly UI/UX solutions to your website will ensure that SEO flags your site as positive and ranks it appropriately with search engines. This will result in a higher click rate and more new visitors everyday.

SEO strategy on website
Adds up to your SEO

4.Make it easy

No one wants to figure out what your website is about. Visitors often take a split second to decide whether they want to continue interacting with your website or not. The least amount of information goal, accurate content is better. Visuals can help to guide your viewer to be led the way to specific parts of the website, such as having a eye caching color to indicate links, buttons or other important places that you want your website visitor to proceed to. It is even animated to capture your visitor’s attention.

make it easy for visitors to interact
Clear UI to interact visitors to your site

5.Using web-safe fonts

You don’t have to bind with system fonts anymore, or even using fonts within images for your website. neat up your website with Google Fonts or Adobe Typekit, they have a huge range of beautiful and attractive fonts.

Webfont typekit can give a better UI experience
Google webfont for website

6. High return on investment (ROI)

It’s true that web design and UI/UX cost money, time and manpower – but so does traditional marketing. UX Planet published an article which discourse the notion of UX and UI costs being too high to be worth the trouble. In their article, they explained the idea of paid marketing and how it is a one-and-done deal with repeatedly costs.

high return on investment for analysis
Investment gives you high return

7. White space is not dead space

Negative space (the space around and between the subjects of an image) is important. The reason why designers love it is because it helps to create focus within the graphics. If your website is too busy or messed up, it’s hard to navigate your visitors which will leave your visitors confused. Don’t give in to the urge to want to fill every space of your website, hold the space!

White space gives website attractive look
White space is necessary for better UI experience

8. Communication and feedback is a given

There is always a room for improvement in quality of life features and UI/UX design. In this regard, user feedback and communication play a huge role. Mopinion published a piece about the benefits of feedback in ongoing web development, touching on the points of costs and brand loyalty.

customer feedback is more important for business
A customer can suggest you better.

These are just a few ways that good UI and UX can help boost your online business. Are you looking for build a new website for your business or need some help improving your website’s UI and UX?

impact of ui on website

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