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Best way to learn any programming language

I remember when I was fresher and how difficult it was to acquire new technology without any guidance. I use to take random steps and try to do everything based on my understanding.
There were:

  • No plan
  • No mentor
  • No consistency
  • lack of maturity

Due to this I faced multiple problems and it took me may be triple time in grasping a particular technology.

So considering this, I would suggest the below strategy before you dive into learning any new tech:

Create a road-map and action plan first (get it verified by experts in that tech)

  1. Understand the core concepts of the language
  2. Practice those core concepts with multiple real time small tasks
  3. Create at least 5-6 small applications to grasp more understanding (predecided in your road-map)
  4. Find the best practices for that particular language
  5. Play with all your learning & try to make one good project (making sure you are using most of your learning)
  6. Find out the concepts which are complex and difficult to get in 1 go and make proper plan to practice it until you are comfortable with them.
  7. Dive deeper into understanding the language behaviour , its insights and do in-depth analysis
  8. Once you reach there, Check stack-overflow and see the kind of questions other devs are asking in same tech and see if you are able to provide solution
  9. Practice Practice & Practice (this is the whole essence at the end)

Before that must connect with guys who are master in that language over

  • Linkedin
  • Join discord servers
  • Join their slack channels

Be consistent (2-3 hrs/day) and try to live with this whole journey, at the end you must be between beginner to intermediate to this new tech or programming language

Do share your experiences and thoughts on the same in comments.

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