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7 Awesome Portfolio websites

Hello, πŸ‘‹I'm Gourav,

Building a developer portfolio can be a cumbersome task, we have to think of a good design, best projects, blogs, and other details.

So, here are 7 web developer portfolios 🀩 that I found while making my portfolio website, and also they will give you all the inspiration you need to create your own first portfolioπŸ‘Œ.

1. Josh W Comeau

A cool and awesome portfolio from josh . Also, Don't forget to hover around for cool effects. must visit

Link πŸ‘‰ - here


2. ART

A cool and awesome portfolio from Patricia Aas .this type of PF can be usful for artists for showcasing their art.

Link πŸ‘‰ - here

3. COW

Every small minimalistic detail in it has its own uniqueness.Go check it out on your own.

Link πŸ‘‰- here



This is by far the most hacker-style website I've seen. you can change channels and every effect has its own unique effects. A must visit

Link πŸ‘‰- here


Again a very awesome website. minimalistic and cool hover flower effects steal everyone's Hearts. must visit
Link - here



A cool indie pixelated sword game portfolio. Every game details are present. must visit
Link πŸ‘‰ - here



As a beginner, this website could be useful as it contains many small hover things which I thought could be useful for beginners.
Link πŸ‘‰- here

pop shake.png

πŸ’―(everyone like a little extra)πŸ’―πŸ˜„

7+2 websites


Another cool single-page portfolio. Also, Don't forget to hover on the Get Started and Social icons for cool effects.

Link πŸ‘‰- here must visit


9. My first portfolio :

Also, I made my simple portfolio from all the learnings I got from different creators.

Link πŸ‘‰- here

Conclusion πŸŽ€

If you found this article useful or gave you the inspiration you need to build your portfolio. Do like and share with your network.

If you've enjoyed this article β‰§β— β€Ώβ— β‰¦βœŒ or You have any questions then contact me @Varougm where I'd be more than happy to answer you πŸ’– . I'm new to this. if you find any mistake please let me know ✌.

Thank you so much for reading.png
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PART 2 coming soon.

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gourav majee

Let me know in the commnets if you know some more cool websites.✌