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Netlify packages a lot of stuff you'll probably need, like a CDN. GitHub Pages really stripped a lot away from the all-in-one hosting options which were pretty poorly assembled, and I think Netlify brings us back in that direction, but with a better foundation.


It look like a great option for student or whenever you need to quickly host something. Awesome tool ! When did it become popular ?


Netlify is simply used for hosting static sites. more like GitHub pages or Jekyll.


Looking at website, it's also CDN and more..


It's the best static site host I had never heard of. And you can more than you need to make a fantastic site for free too!

  • They give you a custom URL for your project under netlify.com
  • You can CNAME this to any domain you also own
  • Free SSL with Let's Encrypt integration
  • Faster ping and TFP than any other host I've seen

and more deployment options than I can believe that update their global CDN in literal seconds

  • you can drag and drop a folder with all your HTML, CSS, JS, etc
  • or you can even connect a project to a GitHub project and have it automatically deploy with commits with even CI or just raw upload

I now run both of my websites through Netlify and am in disbelief in the quality of service they offer and that it's all free. And plan to use many sites in the future.

Shameless plug in case you want examples:




Hi Meghan.
Might you by any chance have a write up on how to setup "raw deploys" with git commits. The drag and drop options is proving a tedious. Thanks in advance.


The site is pretty clear! netlify.com/. If you have any specific questions, don't hesitate to ask.


can I host multiple websites in the same account from different git repos for free?


Yes you can! I host both my personal site and some side projects there, no problem!

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