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What's makes Good pixel art game

Hello! In this post i Will tell you what's makes Good pixel art game.

  1. Resolution of cannvas. Every character need Be as big as the others character.

  2. Good color palete. Before you start drawing choose first Color palette you want to use.

  3. Shades are very important because it looks much better Shaded as purely one color.

  4. Focus on good lighting especially when the game takes place in a confined environment.

  5. Good Boss. Making a good and difficult boss is difficult, It is more attractive for a player when the boss has more attacks. Then it's not repetitive.

Thnaks for reading.

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IroncladDev • Edited on

I don't exactly understand what #1 means. Do you mean that every pixel should be as big as the others?

2: yes, I agree. You have to have a good palette to make things look great.

3: As a semi-experienced artist, that makes a lot of sense. I was doing a collab with some other people where I was one of the main pixel artists. Shading made my sprites look really nice.

4: Lighting is something quite difficult to implement but something very amazing as well.

5: If a game is about combat, then yes.

P.S: you tagged this post as unity3d. Unity3D and Unity2D/Love2D are gaming languages made of C# or C++ I think. You should have tagged your post as Phaser3, P5js, or Canvas2D instead.

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This article could have been more and in a descriptive way