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Kubestack - Fast path to GitOps for EKS, AKS and GKE

Kubestack -

Kubestack is the open-source Terraform framework for DevOps teams that want to automate infrastructure, not reinvent automation.

Developed by Phillip Strube *- *

  • Director of Technology at Container Solutions
  • Previously CoreOS and Exoscale

Kubestack Overview

  • Kubestack brings GitOps to infrastructure
  • Scalable for even small teams to manage
  • Decouple Applications form Infra
  • Multi everything - cluster, region, and cloud
  • Inheritance Model
    • The desired configuration is set for the apps infrastructure environment.
    • Ops inherits configuration from apps.
    • The inherited configuration can be overwritten
    • The ops environment serves the purpose to test and validate configuration before it is applied to the apps environment. Configuration drift risks rendering this protection ineffective


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