How not to get distracted while learning something new ?

When i start learning something new, I usually get distracted and overwhelmed by the things created using that technology and exploring those things, it drail's me from my path.


How to stay focused and motivated while learning something new?

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Keep a notebook next to you and write down the thing you want to look at later. Keep doing what you were doing, but now you haven't "lost" that idea, you've just filed it away. Then once you're done with what you originally wanted to learn/do, consult the list for the next thing.

Also works with browser bookmarks, reading list, github stars, medium bookmarks, etc. Just have some method of filing ideas so they are postponed rather than distracting you now.

I make deals with myself. "No doing anything else until this thing I'm doing is finished". When I have that explicit internal dialog, it helps a lot.

My problem is to not get distracted while reading a book as example so usually I sue the approach at the night or travelling so there are less temptation from internet.


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Take it one blog post at a time, 1 book at a time or 1 course at a time. However you have chosen to learn

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