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Finding my way into Machine Learning - Roadmap 2020

You all know how every beginning is though and the way my journey with Machine Learning started is no different. So many questions, so many resources and paths you can go down to...Let me share how I ended up finding everything I needed in a single resource that acts as my compass on the road to learning ML.

Tha struggle is real

It's no secret I work in a tech company, but what you might not know is that being a Biz Dev in such a company means you need to learn a lot. And fast! Really fast!

So once our team decided to take on a project that involves Machine Learning I needed to make the next huge jump out of my comfort zone and pick things up on the move. But how do you grasp all the concepts of Machine Learning in just a few days?

I had so many questions in my head...How does Machine Learning actually work? How do people start learning Machine Learning? What resources do they use? What tools? What do you need to learn first? What kind of people do ML? Is there a nice community that could help(I found one here๐Ÿ˜Š)? What are the most common problems ML solve? How do you solve such complex problems?... And so on down the rabbit hole.

The art of making things simple

So in my case, I needed an all-in-one kind of solution. A single resource that can give me a well-synthesized overview that I can consume in just a couple of hours. I couldn't afford to sign up for a speedy course or simply watching a couple of lectures. It just doesn't work like that. I needed to see the bigger picture before I can dig into details. I needed a visual roadmap. A sort of a compass that can show me the directions.

The 2020 Machine Learning Roadmap

And luckily I found one, that I really think is worth sharing with you guys(I'm in no way affiliated with the content creator, but this dude definitely knows how to create value). This roadmap with all its extensiveness, interactiveness, and visuals managed to help answer my questions in no time.

I do believe helping spread quality content is worth the time and this is why I wrote this short post.

How did you start your Machine Learning journey? Did you find any useful shortcuts and resources?

Sharing is caring, so without further ado here you go:

Enjoy! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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