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6 benefits of mobile app development using React Native

What is React Native

React Native is an open-source programming language used for developing cross-platform applications. It is created by Facebook so that you can create native apps for both Android and iOS using JavaScript as their programming language. Code reusability, hot reload, bridging are some of the features that attract developers to use this.

Benefits of using React Native for mobile application development

Saves time and money

Developers can build 2 apps within the time frame to built a single application because 90% of code is shared between iOS and Android apps. It not only saves time but also the cost of development. You can develop both the applications with a single team who are proficient enough with the set of technologies and thus you can save the overhead cost on resources. Also, you can use pre-built components while developing so that development can become speedy.

Code reusability

No more worries if you want to move your application to another framework. With react native, you can move your code to Android Studio or Xcode and start from there. This code reusability features distinguish React Native from others.

Hot reload

With the hot reload feature, developers can immediately view the changes made in existing code and this is extremely helpful while working on the front end part.

Publish updates for your apps faster

Publishing updates are much easier while using react-native. You can update your app while users are using it and also single source code changes will make an update on all platforms.

Large community support

The community support for React Native is huge after making it open source. You get huge and free access to documentation and individual experiences through the community. Whenever a developer gets stuck in between, he can always look for support. Git Hub react-native community is one such space for developers.


You can bridge with other platforms even while you are building an app with react native. This helps to use other technologies like swift objective c, especially when you want to add a third party application build on another platform. One such example is blending payment to the shopping apps.

Apps Build on React Native


Facebook ad manager is built on react native and it is the first cross-platform application that used react native.


Wallmart switched to react-native as the demand for a scalable solution arose when there was a huge user demand.

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