What I Will Focus In 2019?

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This is a live list with things I will focus in 2019.

  • Eat and sleep better
  • ES6 (also ReacJS and Vue)
  • Utility-First CSS
  • Web performance and accessibility
  • Solve more problems with less or without code
  • Learn a new language (maybe Go)

Ps: I said "live list" because the things can be changed.

And you? Do you have a list for 2019?

Happy New Year


For me it's Angular that I want to master this year. I wish u good luck with your goals. Happy new year :)


Cool, Angular is a nice framework too, I didn't put in my list because I know a little bit of.

I wish you achieve all of your goals.

Happy 2019


Thank you :). In 2018 I did a bit of react and angular and figured it fits me best. I don't have a lot of time because I study and work as a webdev at the same time but if I had I would definitely would also get into react :)

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