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Meetup = Cars || Meetup != Cars ???

If cars & car shows aren't your thing, don't worry. I think I'm going to write another version of this post with an analogy to cats or crafts.

I charm Python, but I was at a front end and JS meetup. I really enjoyed all the talks. There were talks from Brandon Mathis, @superdiana, and @smartudhaya. I learned a bunch of things. I met a few people. Though, I’m not a front ender and definitely not a JS person.

The next day, my spouse asked how the meetup was. They're not into programming and sometimes it's hard to explain further than "it was really good, learned things." So, I came up with a car show analogy.

What do cars have to do with meetups anyway? Pretty much nothing, but here's my analogy.

Ford person at a Mopar car show

# assumptions
Me = a person
I = Me
Ford = Python
Mopar = front end & JavaScript
car = language
offroad = backend
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I'm a fan of Ford. Fords are similar to Mopars because they are both cars. Generally, Ford people and Mopar people are rather opinionated when it comes to their cars and other cars. Both are cars, but they look a little different under the hood. Ford's bits and pieces are organized a bit differently than Mopar. The different organization gives each car different strengths. One car may be faster why the other is good at something different. Also, I have a Ford that can go off-road. Mopar isn't always seen off-road, but it is totally possible you may meet one along your journey

What's My Point?

If you don't have a local meetup in a language you're familiar with, don't worry. If there's a different meetup, go to that. Chances are there are people there that can help connect you with others. There's also a good chance there are people there that do use whatever you're using.

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