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Vikesh Tiwari
TexAu Co-Founder | Open Source Developer | ❤️ Blogging and Traveling
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Back in 2015, I had started Eulercoder, one of the developers community to build projects, do open source development, participate in Competitive Programming and discuss jobs.

But, due to time constraints I decided to shutdown the community.

Since 2017, I’m building on my startup and it is growing quite well, here I am, coming back to the place where it all started, it’s true we come back to the origin again and again from where it all started, and history rewinds itself back.

Today, I’m happy to announce that we are launching the Coder’s Club, a place for developers and students to come together and discuss all things related to hiring, internships, programming, hackathon, and Open Source projects.

  • We are also going to launch Monthly contests with prizes up to $1000 to the top 3 performers.
  • It also includes monthly Open Source projects as well.
  • We are also going to organize Grand Hackathon every year with prize up to $10,000 and full-time offers from multiple companies.

More details can be found here: The Coder's Club on Facebook [ No Fee, No extra steps, all members can get in ASAP]

Let’s bring a community of devs at one place and work together in growing everyone together 🙂

Any questions?

Please drop comments and I will be happy to answer all your questions.


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