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Introduction to Amazon Lex

Amazon Lex is a wonderful addition by Amazon, which helps developers to build high standard conversational interfaces which can be integrated into either a new or existing application in a seamless manner.

With the Amazon Lex, your customers would interact seamlessly with your applications by either using voice or text commands, for example, Chatbot for interacting with your customers in an easy fashion.

Amazon Lex utilizes the same deep learning integration that Amazon Alexa, it utilizes the automatic speech recognition and natural language understanding functionality for the chatbot.

Before going further into what the AMazon Lex is, I would like to briefly explain what a ChatBot application is. A ChatBot application is a program that simulates conversation like a human.

Why utilize Amazon Lex and not a self-trained natural language algorithm?
1) They are simple to be integrated into either new or existing applications
2)The cost to effort ratio is quite reasonable as it is a pay-as-you-go model.
3) They process both text and speech seamlessly
4) They are easy to deploy to your applications and utilize.
5) They have high scalability
6) You can easily integrate it with other services on the AWS platform.

It is worthwhile to note that all network connections with Amazon Lex are done with only HTTPS, which is to ensure secured conversation which means your conversations are encrypted by Amazon Lex.

I have mentioned above that the Amazon Lex is affordable in terms of the cost, but let's see the pricing model of the amazon Lex below:

-- Per Voice request costs $0.004: so if your ChatBot processes about 5000 voice requests per month, you should expect to pay 5000 * 0.004 = $20 monthly
-- Per Text request costs $0.00075: so if your chatbot processes about 5000 text requests per month, you should expect to pay 5000 * 0.00075 = $3.75 monthly

With Amazon Lex, your cost and the monthly bill are calculated from the total processed requests by your application on a monthly basis.

There is also a free Amazon Lex option that provides you to process free 10,000 texts and 5,000 voice requests monthly for the first year, this allows you to test its functionality within your application.

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