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How to find non-admin Notion user IDs

For our Standup Integration project, we needed both the Slack and Notion user IDs to be able to tag users on both platforms. However, you can only see the User ID of the admin members of Notion through Notion software. So we had to get creative, and this is what we came up with.

The process

Step 1)

Go to your main Notion page and go to the developer tools using inspect. Navigate into the "Network" tab on the top of the console, and then refresh the page. It should look like this when you're done.

network tab in dev tools

Step 2)

On the left hand side near the blue funnel thingy, there's a search icon. Search a team member username. In our experience, the team members that showed up depended on who's name you searched, so in order to find everyone you might have to search a few different names.

Step 3)

Click on the syncRecordValues request and go into the response tab. Copy all text.

sync record values request

Step 4)

Cleaning up the JSON with a JSON Beautifier makes it easier to understand what we're looking at (we used

JSON Beautifier

Step 5)

Gather all your teammates ID's within the "notion_user" brackets. Again, if all your teammates aren't there, you may have to search a couple different names.

Step 6)

In order to match the Notion ID to Slack user, I found it easier to use the Slack user ID too. You can find this by going into the teammates profile page, clicking on "More" (three dots), and "Copy member ID".

Finished result:

// Slack user ID to Notion user ID dictionary
const slackNotionId = {
  UT9G67J1Z: "f2ca3fc5-9ca1-46ed-be8b-fb618c56558a",
  U0185FAF1T5: "6718f0c7-f6e3-4c3a-9f65-e8344806b5b6",
  U025P5K0S0Z: "6f7ce62c-fa2e-4440-8805-72af5f937666",
  U021UR4DW5C: "8fd7689c-d795-4ae9-aa53-5846ac1569b7",
  U0224KFNYRW: "7c02e0ba-2aec-4696-a91d-ecaa01b616ce",
  U025J9SLXV3: "94f6b8b7-e8b0-4790-8265-f08e6b1d550c",
  UT9G67YFM: "6c3a6ec1-4b99-4e5c-8214-cea14fd9b142",
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Top comments (3)

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Lucia Cerchie

This was super helpful to me, thank you Victoria!

kslifter profile image

Thank you for this. This was about the only info that showed up on a Google search about User Ids. I'm having issues navigating the first step though. How do you get to the developer tools in Notion?

victoriaslocum profile image
Victoria Slocum

Hi! The developer console is something through your browser, so you can open it either by using Ctrl + Shift + J (Windows) or Cmd + Option + J (Mac) or pressing F12 I think.

There's more info in this post:

Hope this helps! Happy to answer any other questions :)