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Project Management, what is it?

I was super exited this semester as Project Management was one of the units I was to undertake. I am currently a Third Year Student at Multimedia University Of Kenya. This article outlines the clear understanding of what a project is, what a project entails and what project management is.

What is A Project?

A project is a temporary undertaking that produces unique deliverables (product, services, etc.) using scarce resources.

A project is done in progression and has an owner (stakeholder).

Key Terms to note.

  • Temporary - has a start and an end. A project should have a start and an end. The team should decide the milestone the project should undertake.
  • Unique - something new or novel to the owner. A project should be something new that hasn't been created before by the owner.
  • Resources - require resources from different areas but there is the primary owner and/or sponsor. A project should utilize other resources or tools during creation of the product
  • Progression - a project is done in steps. Break down or decompose the project into small independent and manageable tasks. The tasks will be performed from start to the end.
  • Uncertainty - a project is done with a certain level of uncertainty.
  • Management - running something to be effective. Management has 3 parts:
    • Planning
    • Controlling
    • Scheduling

1. Planning

Planning has 4 main things to be done

  • Break down or decompose the project into small independent and manageable tasks. Work Break Down structure can be used, it helps in breaking down the project.

Independent - Can be done on its own.

  • Determine the order or sequence in which the tasks will be performed from start to end.
  • Estimate the resources (time, cost, materials, machines, personnel, etc) required to complete each task.
    • Use analogies method of estimation.
    • Use past data to try and find what other people did
  • Masterpiece plan of how the project will look like from start to the end.

use network diagram. it is used to determine what to be done at what time.

2. Scheduling

Using the network diagram produce a master timetable of when each of the tasks will be done and by who.

use a Gantt chart.

3. Controlling.

Keep monitoring and evaluating the progress of the project by using the progress of the project by using the Gantt Chart developed above and having set milestones.

Project Management

Project management is a framework of tools, skills, knowledge, etc. applied to a project so as to achieve its objectives (success)

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I think the main idea of a project management is treating everything like a project. I even wrote an article about it.

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