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5 Best Layer Alternatives - Rebuild Your Existing Layer Messaging Platform

The hot talks about Layer shutdown are circulating like a forest fire across the internet. You could find tons of articles on layer shutdown and the hard reasons behind the startup shutdown. It’s a tough-time for layer customers who hardly has not even two months to switch between other platforms. Although customers have encountering productivity loss & interruption of service to their customers where the chat is an integral part of any website or business that progress with communication as their prime resource, immediate action is considered as the most important to any Layer customer.

To solve the interruption of services to their customers, Layer customer must take up the challenge in taking risks to migrate off from Layer platform to another messaging platform provider. Before you make the switch from one chat platform to another, it’s a must to understand the Layer alternatives available in the market to rebuild your existing layer messaging platform.

Layer Alternatives Available in the Market:

1. MirrorFly

An Enterprise Messaging Solution

2. CometChat

Chat SDK & API for In-app Messaging

3. Contus Fly

Instant Messaging Solution with Video, Voice & Chat

4. Apphitect IM

Complete Chat Platform for In-app Integration

5. GetStream

Scalable & Fast API for building Chat App & Social Networks

Discover Your Ideal Alternative to Layer Platform

5 Layer Alternative

i) MirrorFly - An Enterprise Messaging Solution

It’s a completely customizable solution meant for enterprises to build or integrate chat, voice & video features into their application. MirrorFly offers customizable APIs & SDKs with upgradable features and customizable design, development based on the use case. It stands in the forepart as Layer chat alternative for the reason that their messaging solution is completely customizable. The solution is adaptable to 70+ use cases and holds the world’s most scalable chat solution where million+ concurrent conversations can be carried at a time. On top of everything, the messaging solution is a one-time payment where the cost is solely for features, functionalities and hosting is a one-time payment.

ii) CometChat - Chat SDK & API for In-app Messaging

It’s a Saas based chat platform offering voice, video calling & messaging SDK & APIs where you don’t want to recode or code it from scratch. CometChat enables websites and apps to add chat with re-built UI with the help of a plugin. The messaging platform provides a wide range of features such as Group Chat, Push Notifications and Chat Moderations that adapts to Social Community, Healthcare, Dating, Marketplace and E-learning. It’s the best suit for those want to integrate SaaS-based chat application into their website or app.

iii) Contus Fly - Instant Messaging Solution with Video, Voice & Chat

Contus Fly is an IM solution that helps enterprises and organization to create their own real-time communication platform with voice, video and text features. The solution is a customizable platform that offers APIs & SDK to integrate on web and mobile applications. Contus Fly provides complete access to the source code and different hosting possibilities On-cloud & On-premises. Considered as one of the significant alternatives to Layer chat platform due to their diversified APIs. Their APIs (Messaging, Voice & Video) make the complex integration into an easy-peasy operation with the help of their in-house developers.

iv) Apphitect IM - Complete Chat Platform for In-app Integration

The platform offers in-app messaging SDK and real-time features to integrate communication possibilities into the website and mobile applications. They offer rich UX, video call & voice call integrations for an instant messaging solution. Apphitect IM is built on some cutting edge technologies such as XMPP, Erlang and various cloud hosting platforms like Cassandra and Amazon S3 bucket for a scalable platform.

v) GetStream - Scalable & Fast API for building Chat App & Social Networks

GetStream is a powerful API provider for feeds and chats on social applications. It’s a Saa-based chat API & SDK provider for in-app messaging on Android, iOS and Web applications GetStream offers flexible API to personalize the chat experience with Chat UI kit on other social platforms to engage and retain users. They also offer on-premises to store data on your own server under the enterprise plans.

Understand Your Current Need

With the announcement of Layer shutdown, the Layer customers are probably looking for some trusted messaging solution API provider to rebuild their existing layer platform. Whether it’s the Boss, CEO or a developer, understanding the core value of their business and acting accordingly to uplift their messaging service to customers is the major task for them. Choosing the right solution provider such as customizable platform is a key strategy to enhance their interrupted messaging service and rebuild their messaging platform into next-level of application with top-notch features and functionalities.

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