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Building a Crypto Trading Platform

What is this post about ?

Hello fellow humanoids. Today we will build a Crypto trading platform in react. This tool will enable us to participate in Crypto trading and track your trades for learning purposes.
Check out the app here : Crypto trading platform


  • How to fetch crypto currency coins ?
  • How to add a trade ?
  • How to do create portfolio ?

Lets go deep dive into each one and explore how it was implemented.

How to fetch crypto currency coins ?

The data source for this tool will be coingecko. This list will be used to select coin for the current trade.

How to add a trade ?

First we would select the coin, the information of coin will be displayed and we can proceed to select units and add the trade.
This addition should start reflecting in your portfolio holdings
Add Trade - 1
Add Trade - 2
Add Trade - 3
Add Trade - 4
Add Trade - 5

How to do create portfolio ?

Portfolio gets created as we start adding trades. We also have the ability to remove a trade from our holdings.
Remove Trade


This is a learning app and development is still in progress. Please feel free to fork the repo and make changes as you please. Do let me know if I made any grave blunders in coding this. Thanks for reading this post.
Stay safe and lend a hand to another :)

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diana popova

Great post, as usual. Building a crypto trading platform requires careful planning and consideration of various factors. Crypto is all about trust, and a platform like Deribit sets a gold standard with its proof of reserves and track record of prioritizing client satisfaction. When developing a trading platform, it's crucial to focus on security, user experience, and reliability. Implementing robust security measures, intuitive user interfaces, and ensuring seamless functionality are key aspects of creating a successful trading platform.

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Maksim Bober

Hey, great content wish I saw it before. I was curious if the project is still active?

vigneshiyergithub profile image

Hello Maksim,
The project is not active as of now. I'm interested in improving and adding more functionalities if feasible. Do share if you have any ideas. Thanks for reading this article.