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How a beginner should start his/her journey towards a professional developer?

Hello, friends. This is my first post :)

I'm currently studying third year of my CS engineering course. For the past two years, I've not involved deep in coding or web development. I just focused on my academics. I was a kind of guy who enjoys his college days and spend time watching new movies and series.

During the start of third year, our college announced there are certain companies coming to give internships to the third year students. I got excited. But at the same time, I got little nervous. Because, I was not ready for that moment. Even though, I know the algorithms and data structures, I didn't practice any problems.

But I worked hard and practiced all the data structure and algorithms problem I can get my hand on.

The companies started to come and I started to attend all the coding interviews. In some companies I got selected and went through further rounds. In some companies, I can't even clear the first round.

I'd like to share one of my interview experience with you. Let's name the company as x.

When I went to attend the second round of company x , I was very confident that I'll crack the interview and get the intern. But the person who interviewed me lacked some communication skills and can't able to communicate any message properly in English. He asked me to solve a problem based on binary tree, and I discussed with him about how to approach the problem and he said okay. But after I wrote the code, he said the approach was wrong. And blamed for communicating poorly. Finally, when they shortlisted people who passed the second round, I found that my name wasn't there. So, I just went to the person who interviewed me and asked about the feedback. He said that I don't even know a simple data structure concept and he's wondering how I passed the coding round .

Even though I found myself strong in the concepts, a doubt started to creep up inside me. I felt ashamed of myself.

But my heart knew how to fight. So, whenever I feel depressed, I go and watch Rocky Series and will get motivated.

Only one line from the movie Rocky Balboa is enough to kindle the fire inside everyone: "It ain't about how hard you hit. It's about how hard you get hit and keep moving forward"

After this incident, I worked hard even more. But in every interview, I go through all the round and finally I won't find my name in the shortlist.

I got really scared. So, I decided that I learn web-development and I'll get something out of it. Currently, I'm learning java-script and golang.

Also, I'm very determined that I'll do web development in future and also I like to crack interview in my final year.

I don't have any guidance in this field. Can someone help me out and give a proper guidance?

I appreciate your help :)

Sorry for the poor writing skills!

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Allison Seboldt

Focus your time and energy on building things people can use. At the end of the day, this is what you would be doing in a job. A great place to start is thinking about problems you have and how you could build something to solve that problem. Example: Having a hard time keeping track of chores with your roommates? Create an app or website for managing your chores.

IMO, academics like to focus on abstract concepts instead of hard skills. But employers want people with skills who can produce for them. Creating sample projects will force you to practice your coding skills and show employers you have the skills to produce products.