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How to make a Strong LinkedIn Profile?

If you just follow the following steps, you'll have a pretty strong LinkedIn profile that potential clients, employers and recruiters love ❤️.

Steps to make Strong LinkedIn Profile

1. Professional Profile Picture: Upload a picture on a professional/formal dress and don't forget to smile.
Also if you can, remove the background using tools like Photoshop or Canva.
Or Take a picture in plain background.

2. Cover Picture (Background): For your cover picture, you can be creative. Try displaying your workspace or list what you do or you're doing on a plain background.

3. About Section: In about section, Select 3-5 keywords, that define your work, role, interests and add them in your headline and on your about Summary.
In your about section, Try including things like
Who’re you?
Why’re you using LinkedIn?
What are your goals?, etc.

4. Featured Content: In this section, you can add links to your current projects, accomplishments or projects/works that you love from other creators relevant to your industry

5. Experience Description: Add the places you've worked, your roles, activities and projects you're involved in and proud of.
You can also share best memories/experiences from the workplaces.

6. Skills and Endorsement: In this section, you add the skills that you have or use in your work or you're currently building/learning.
And Endorsement is like someone Liking or Vouching for you and your skill.
(Hack: Ask your friends, staffs, teachers, colleagues, employers, teachers, etc. to endorse on your skills)

7. Recommendations: It's similar to endorsement but people write short descriptions about your work or experience on working with you. And recommend to further clients/employers.
(Similar to Endorsement, Ask your teachers, employers and colleague to write you a recommendation. There's also a feature on LinkedIn where you can ask for recommendation (Top right corner of Recommendation section).)

8. Accomplishments: In this section, you can add achievements/projects that you've completed, with short description and links if you've any.

9. Interests: Here, the people or influencer, Company and Groups you follow are shown. So, always follow those who are relevant to your industry or things you're currently involved/interested in.

Grow your Network: Now you need to grow your network by connecting with the people you know or people who're relevant to your industry.
Also react and comment to the posts that you find interesting. Communicate more, Be more valuable. But don't use it as any other social networks like facebook and instagram or dating sites.

"Be Professional and Trust Worthy."

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Well written in a professional style, no spelling and grammatical mistakes. Instant Vashikaran Mantra