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Vicky Vasilopoulou
Vicky Vasilopoulou

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Creating Favourites with Local Storage and useRef() in React.

Hello folks!

I was working on a task the other day and thought would be great to share my experience on building favouriting that is saved on localStorage when the component isClicked.

Hope you enjoy.


  • npm package react-use-localstorage
  • useRef
  • theme-ui
  • TypeScript
  • full heart icon
  • empty heart icon
  • You can find the icons on iconmonstr ->


The idea is to create a Favourite.tsx re-usable component so that we can add it wherever we wanton our project.

NOTE: The npm package is replacing completely the localStorage API.

The idea is that every time I click any Person component to be added on my local storage.


  • The id is referred to an individual props - in my case is referred to the unique id of each person of a list of many people.
  • JSON.parse(storageItem) is our initialValue.
  • setStorageItem is a function that basically will push the current storageItem to the [].
  • I am using the JSON.stringify() method since the useLocalStorage is accepting strings.
  • useRef() works perfectly since after you re-render the component it will remember the how many items you stored on your local storage.
  • If is favourited(when we click the IconButton) then push that item to the storage if not then remove it.
  • We are using the indexOf() since we don't know each time the item we clicked in which index position is every time, and then with the splice method we remove it.
  • Now if is clicked and favourited then show the full heart otherwise the empty heart.
export interface FavouriteProps {
  id: string

export const Favourite = ({
}: FavouriteProps): JSX.Element | null => {
  const [storageItem, setStorageItem] = useLocalStorage(
  const storagedArray = useRef(JSON.parse(storageItem))
  const isFavourited = storagedArray.current.includes(id)

  const handleToggleFavourite = (): void => {
    if (!isFavourited) {
    } else {
     const indexFavouritedId = storagedArray.current.indexOf(id)
      storagedArray.current.splice(indexFavouritedId, 1)
  return (
      {isFavourited ? (
        'Add here your full heart icon'
      ) : (
        'Add here your empty heart icon'
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The on the code you want to pass the component:

<Favourite id={id} />
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Online Aid

How we can add more items ?

nixonthiyagesh profile image

Can i use it without useref?