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What blogs do you read?

Vini Brasil
I am a software engineer working with Elixir, theology student, and musician based in beautiful Curitiba.
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Sometimes when I have a break at work, there are some content I like to read, such as:

  • Hacker Noon
  • Martian Chronicles
  • and so on...

To aggregate all these blogs I like, I'm building an open-source curated list of blogs, websites, and all kinds of reads about software development.

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☕️ Blogs and reads for devs to start their mornings.


A curated list of blogs, websites, and all kinds of reads about software development.


You can load this list into your RSS reader, such as Feedly, by importing this .opml file into your reader.



  • - open-source community where programmers share ideas and help each other grow
  • Martian Chronicles - very detailed posts about back-end, UX, React, Ruby, Rails, front-end
  • Martin Fowler - reliable content about software architecture, design patterns
  • Coding Horror - a blog by Jeff Atwood, Stack Overflow's co-founder, on programming and human factors
  • Joel on Software - Stack Overflow co-founder's blog. He writes about software development, management, business
  • Giant Robots Smashing Into Other Giant Robots - written by thoughtbot, experienced designers and developers who turn your idea into the right product
  • Signal v. Noise - strong opinions and shared thoughts on design, business, and tech. By the makers…

What blogs do you read? Comment below, or even, open a PR =)

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Xing Wang

Blog by Fred Wilson, a vc at Union Square Ventures.

Saastr blog, a blog about running a Saas businees.

Coding horror, a blog by Jeff Atwood, co-founder of stackoverflow.

and may I suggest, blog written by me and my teammates: