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Published my first flutter package

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Hello developers, Today I have published my first flutter package flutter_insta to pub.dev.

Using this plugin you can get details of the Instagram user.

How to Use ?

LINK : https://pub.dev/packages/flutter_insta

First add in dependency

  flutter_insta: ^0.0.6

You can install packages from the command line:

$ flutter pub get

Import it

import 'package:flutter_insta/flutter_insta.dart';

Now you have to create object of FlutterInsta class

FlutterInsta flutterInsta = new FlutterInsta("coding_boy_");

and inside constructor pass the username.

Now you can get all details like this

print("Username : ${flutterInsta.username}");
print("Followers : ${flutterInsta.followers}");
print("Folowing : ${flutterInsta.following}");
print("Bio : ${flutterInsta.bio}");
print("Website : ${flutterInsta.website}");
print("Profile Image : ${flutterInsta.imgurl}");

Thanks for reading :) , if you found it useful then please like the plugin and give your valuable feedback.

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