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Virej Dasani
Virej Dasani

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I made a SandBox coding app!

I made a Desktop app called CodeBox.

  • It is a coding environment with HTML, CSS and JavaScript editors with a live preview panel to show what the code would look like in the browser
  • I made it using the Electron framework
  • It is available for all major operating systems
  • It is inspired by Codepen and JsFiddle


Why use CodeBox?

  • CodeBox is better than the editors in CodePen and JSFiddle because CodeBox features the same editor used in VS Code.
  • This means that it has autocomplete, syntax highlighting, and a lot of other features that we all know and love from VS Code
  • Furthermore, it features hot reload which means, you don't have to press Ctrl/Cmd + S to show the code in the preview panel. It reloads automatically every time any key is pressed!

- Check it out on GitHub here

- Download it here

I would really appreciate a star on GitHub and any feedback you may have. Thanks in advance!

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shaijut profile image
Shaiju T

Nice 😄 , Some Questions:

  1. At what age did you started coding ?
  2. Which language did you learned first ?
  3. How long it took learn Html, JavaScript, CSS ?
  4. Which language you thing should be easier for a beginner or school students ?
  5. Which website or courses do you refer to learn ?

It will be good if you can share your journey to code in a blog post. :)

virejdasani profile image
Virej Dasani

Thanks for this. I'll try to answer them in my next post 😄

szaszroland profile image
  1. 15yrs 2.html and css
  2. I am beginer 4----||----
  3. w3scool / / github
filatovv profile image
Yuri Filatov

Nice article :)

virejdasani profile image
Virej Dasani


cristoferk profile image
CristoferK • Edited

Please make it for Linux too! 😁️

virejdasani profile image
Virej Dasani • Edited

Hi @cristoferk
I just uploaded the Linux version. Get it here
A star to the repo is massively appreciated. Thanks in advance!

bmsvieira profile image
Bruno Vieira

Nice job!

virejdasani profile image
Virej Dasani


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