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How to refresh/reload application properties runtime in spring boot ?

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In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to reload application properties in spring boot.

We have many options in spring boot, now I am explaining the easiest one here.

Refresh beans with @ConfigurationProperties

For Reloading properties, spring cloud has introduced @RefreshScope annotation which can be used for refreshing beans.

Spring Actuator provides different endpoints for health, metrics. but spring cloud will add extra end point /refresh to reload all the properties.

Required maven/gradle dependencies

  • Spring actuator
  • Spring cloud starter

Then, add below property to application properties file


// Db Properties, Values to be store in a Map

Now, Create a class for configuring properties and add @RefreshScope annotation to class.

@ConfigurationProperties(prefix = "db")
public class DbProperties {

      // This is for storing application properties in a Map
    public Map<String, String> dbProps;

    public Map<String, String> getDbProps() {
        return dbProps;

    public void setDbProps(Map<String, String> dbProps) {
        this.dbProps = dbProps;

        // Get property value using key
    public String getDbPropData(String key) {
        return dbProps.get(key);

Above code create a scope for refreshing application properties data.

Now, when you change data in application properties. we need to give a POST REST call using below URL.


from now, we can get new value from the next access.

Thank you for reading my blog. 🤩

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