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React from scratch

With availability of utilities such as create-react-app and create-react-library, setting up the barebones for a new react application development has become child's play. But such utilites hide a lot of nitty gritty under their hood.

My idea of writing this post is, to allow new user learn how to start building a react application from scratch, without using any utility. Thus I created an empty application at react-from-scratch. The documentation mentions the step for application setup. The latter part of the document describes in brief about how the project has been setup.

Originally published at on October 14, 2020.

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admon84 • Edited

Nice purposeful react project, thanks for sharing it. I ran through the steps in the readme and two things I noticed:

  • dist/index.html needs to include main.js (to match the webpack config output filename)
  • src/app.js listens on port 3000, but the readme mentions localhost:4000
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Vishal Raj

Thanks for pointing out. Fixed.

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