Ghost vs strapi vs prismic

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Hey guys I have confusion on which CMS to use for my blog website to manage the contents of the blog. I'm contemplating on these three. Kindly give your suggestions why I should use any one of those.


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Plenty more than 3 headlesscms.org/ But of those 3 I would probably go with Strapi as it has a lot of popularity. Ghost is not free so you have to take that into account and if you don't like it then there is a cost factor to consider.


Correct me if I'm wrong or missing something here, but Ghost IS free. It's like Wordpress, where you can download the software and install, manage, and deploy all on your own, but if you want a managed ghost blog or website, they charge subscription fees. You can see their source code on Github


Hmm i'm not so sure that it is free. Looking on their website it says "You can test out a free 14 day trial of Ghost(Pro) any time, which is probably the best way to get familiar with the product." I don't see any free plans all the pricing is paid.

Well, what I meant is that the software itself is free to download via Github and use yourself; of course, haven't used it myself so I'm not entirely sure about this. Again, it would be like wordpress, where you can just download and install the app and you can manage the software yourself, but the plans seem to be aimed at "managed hosting", kinda like if you sign up for wordpress hosting plans on a hosting company's website.


Thanks man I'm looking for free CMS what about prismic why there isn't much said about that


Probably because when it comes to making websites that use a CMS, Wordpress is still the first choice and many companies and clients want to use them. The other alternatives being Squarespace and Wix which non coders can use themselves. In regards to these headless CMS I just think that not many people have had much exposure to using them as many are still new.

I am yet to use any of them either and if you are not freelancing with clients then there is no need to have a GUI and CMS because you will just be writing pure code. But I still want to learn one of them because i refuse to go back to using wordpress now that i know React.

This is exactly my situation not a freelancer doing it for personal use and portfolio


Didn't even know about Prismic until today, but just looking at the documentation, it seems that they have a free plan and it is open source, but to leverage money out of you, the content is apparently stored in a repository in their servers, limited to one user, which is a no-go for me.

I'm trying to build a website/app hybrid system for restaurants with Strapi and I love how they set this up. It's open source, you can choose your own database (the default is sqlite which is nice for portability and simplicity's sake), and you can define your content however you want. You see, you can create the model, controller, and services code just like you would when building a traditional web app, or you can generate them with the CLI tool, or you can just go to the built in admin panel (which resembles the wordpress admin panel by the way) and define your models and create records there. I've only used it for one day and I highly recommend it, especially if you plan to use a site generator like Gatsby or Gridsome


Thanks for sharing this Oziel! I was trying to make a decision for my own web app I'm making for a restaurant as we speak.
After a couple of weeks now, how has your experience with Strapi been?


Customization isn't as straightforward as I would have liked. Docs could also do better in clarifying some properties for the attributes. If you are just starting out, definitely go for quickstart so that you can visualize how everything is structured in SQLite. I like how dynamic zones allow users to choose what components to use when composing a web page body. Overall it's not bad when to comes to the content itself. If you are building static web pages with this, make sure you plan ahead of time what the components will look like, things like galleries, call to action sections, headlines, etc. so that you know how to define your models. Either way, this is far better than WordPress!