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Meet new people like you (idea)


I want to solve two of my problems:

1- I want to meet new people outside my personal circle who has some common interest.

2- English is not my main language, I would like to talk with some native speaker.


I develop a very simple website where you can create a anonymous profile (your name and email are not public), just answer some questions to know more about you:

  • what languages do you speak?
  • what languages do you want to speak?
  • what are you looking for?
  • a litle description of yourself.

Everytime you visit the homepage you will see random people who has some common interest, at this moment there are only two people (me and a friend), so I just ask for a little patience, register today and maybe in one or two days you can meet new people.

To talk someone just click the button "send message" and you will be able to send a voice message of 2 minutes long, the messages will delete after 24 hours.

If you liked to talk someone and you want to keep as contact, there is a button "add as a contact".

Example of my profile

my profile

Final message

I hope you like the idea and find it useful.

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