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No more Backend

I enjoy doing some consulting work on Fiverr. I have this one particular Gig where I write mongoDb queries. Lately I saw that was taking a lot of hits from Fiverr. Sure the rate is cheap but the reason why so many people were preferring it was unique.

The Idea

Turns out customers around the globe are shifting to a minimum backend coding approach. They shift the entire load to the database. I was chatting with a customer and he said he usually hires some interns to do basic CRUD. So you have a project with basic fetch and updates to the database using some known framework. This again depends on what is the cheapest at the moment. They then find out all the different interfaces that can be driven completely by database queries. They then reach out to me to write queries which portray the interface exactly.

Personally I feel that is a great way of optimial use of resources. There isn't much of bug that will arise since the backend code is mostly a read/write. The cost is economical since the intern won't have much to do. The cost of writing all the queries is one time and that too is very economical. Nevetheless, it only works with applications that don't need a lot of server side processing. But what the heck, customers are doing a fine job with it. Good going I would say.

The remote work has actually kicked off for good during the covid season.

Happy coding!

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