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Trello rules - sure does

Trello is a project management SaaS and lately has been coming up so many cool things which we may missed out on.

PowerUp: Umble Card Numbers

Power ups are more like plugins which you can add to your project to extend its functionality. Umble card numbers is like a ticket number. You can install this plugin from

How I use it is I try to link these up with branch names in github. So you have a branch with every ticket.

Now whenever you add a card you will find a ticket number with it. It looks like this -

Image description


Rules are like commands you can use to automate certain tasks on your board. For e.g. I have a rules that "when someone adds a new card to my TASKS list, it will add a due date of tomorrow and create a checklist named 'ToDo' inside it"

See it in action -

Image description

Happy coding !!!

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