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Juneau Lim
Juneau Lim

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Asking for advice: the best way to organise my future post?

I have used for blogging but I don't think anyone visit ever there anyway. Until now I did it more for personal recording rather than showing to others. Anyway, the number of posts are in one digit.

I recently found here and really like the service. I really like to centralise my posts, but I don't feel like posts such as review on MOOC course is not suitable here. However, at the same time, it feels a bit inefficient to move to Medium and cross post there and here.

I know dev is not for blogging, but I think it is not possible to see my posts by tags. I might be able to use series for that I think.

I know it's kind of silly to worry about this when I barely have written any post, but I think I might be that kind of person. It also feels a bit weird to post a question here, but I couldn't find any dedicated forum or Slack so it will be great users kindly approve this post. Any advice would be appreciated!

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Andrew Healey

A review on a MOOC course is very suitable here! I love MOOCs and I would read it.

I post to DEV and then post to my website which uses (markdown-based) Jekyll so it's almost a straight-up paste job. The only change is rehosting my images and changing their sources.

It's interesting that you write dev is not for blogging because my first impression, which hasn't really changed, is that DEV is for blogging 😊

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Juneau Lim

Well, I thought that since it is called as 'community', Dev should be a bit less casual than personal blog.
Thank you so much for your answer! Maybe I should only use Dev in that case. 😍