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Project idea: Tinypost, a postman-ish command-line utility for fun and learning

I want to present a project idea that might be fun to implement in your favorite language or the one that you're trying to learn.

This is the idea, you write all the routes and params of your api into a json file then you use tinypost to read that file and execute one or more request with the data in it.

It would be like newman but simpler and not necessarily compatible with postman.

Basic features

  • Read json files.
  • Being able to identify a particular collection and request.
  • Have an http client to make the request.

Nice to have

  • A "form" to inspect and tweak the params before sending the request.
  • Environment variables like postman.

If you want to make it more challenging make it as user friendly as you posibly can. Include validations, pretty error messages, shortcuts to common features, lots of documentation. You can also make it with extensibility and reuse in mind, imagine from the start that you want to make compatible with postman collections in the future or that you're going to make a graphical interface (see how that influence how you write your code).

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abhinav the builder

I'll definitely look into this, possibly in Python. What would be really fun is that this, but in Assembly.

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Here is mine: tinytina