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Recent Trends in Smartphone App Development 2020

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The present era is an era of the Internet. Almost everybody is using the internet nowadays. More than 70% of the total population of the world is using the internet regularly. According to some studies, every 4 out of 10 persons in the world own a smartphone. More than 90% of teenagers spend most of the day on the internet. Our lives revolve around our smartphones. You use it for various tasks from ordering groceries to booking a show, almost everything can be managed from the smartphone.

Apps are the backbone of any smartphone. If there are no applications, the smartphone will be useless. Smartphone users are increasing day by day and so is the competition. The app developers are focused on the betterment of the apps. The apps can generate a lot of revenue for your brand if it is created perfectly but can be very expensive for you if it turns out to be unsuccessful.

Sometimes you wonder, what makes an app so popular than others. A lot of developers and smartphone app users think about the trends being followed by successful app developers in the world. Which steps to be followed to create an app that can be successful in the market. So, this article will tell you the trends in Best iphone app development for smartphones at SAGIPL.

Trends in Smartphone App Development

The technology is developing day by day so it is important that the apps are developed according to the changes in the online environment and the needs of the users. So, the developers are going beyond their turf to create an app that is perfect for the users as only such kinds of apps stand in the market that are fully loaded and efficient than others. The below-listed trends are being used by the developers to develop fully-featured apps.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI has been on the tongue of all the people for quite some time now. More and more developers are trying to opt for this feature to be in their app. The demand for AI is skyrocketing right now. AI can enable the app to work like any other human being. If installed properly, the AI can reduce the workload for human beings quite easily.

The importance of inclusion of AIin the app development sector is increasing and more and more developers are willing and trying to introduce it in their apps but it is not that easy as it sounds. Voice and face recognition was the initial form of AI but more developed methods and features are being introduced by the developers.

There are numerous benefits of AI. The installment of AI in any app can make it more secure than others. The main motive of all the companies going for app development and their developers is the security of their smartphone app which can be achieved easily through AI. AI-enabled apps can provide fast and secure services to its users. The app will be saved from all kinds of attacks from cybercriminals.

The users are busy, they want quick solutions to their queries and AI can be very helpful under such cases. It can provide the best solutions to the problems digitally without the need for any human interactions. The best feature of AI, the Big Data Mining, can help in retrieving the data accurately from huge piles. Not only these, but there are also numerous other benefits of AI that can bring a revolution in the world of app development.

Many App development companies are trying to deliver the app with AI. Many companies have started providing AI app development services already as the demand for AI is going to be huge in the near future.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

AR helps in creating a computer-generated environment for the things or places that are already present in the world. AR uses audio and visual components to create an online world that is similar to the one which is already present in reality. You can experience the AR through the camera of your phone.

Sometimes, people consider AR and VR to be the same thing but both are quite different. While AR develops a visual from reality, VR, on the other hand, creates a world that is virtual. It does not have any kind of connection with the real world.

The popularity of AR and VR is increasing day by day. The concept of AR and VR is being introduced by a lot of gaming companies and other sectors for better user experience. Many VR and AR games have become popular in the previous days and a lot of other apps are being introduced to the world regularly. The future is expected to be filled by such apps.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT helps in managing the things that are connected to each other like cars, alarms, speakers, etc. IoT makes a device smart which can be used and managed through the smartphone of the user. The devices that come with IoT, run on the same mechanism as that of a smartphone. Successful developers have already started the introduction of IoT in their apps. The demand for smart devices is high and is attracting a lot of users. Apps are being created that can work as a medium to control and manage smart devices.


The all-new blockchain technology is used by the developers to create a platform that can save the information in the form of blocks. These blocks are contained inside the databases called chains. P2P nodes are used to connect such blocks and chains. The most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin uses this technology. If blockchain is used in the development of any app, then it can create a world in which the exchange of cryptocurrency and anti-piracy can be managed easily through the smartphone.

5G Technology

After the great success of 4G, the world is ready to acknowledge the 5G. With the help of 5G, the apps can be developed in such a way that they are faster and more efficient than the rest. The 5G will have the efficiency to handle the internet speed from 10 to 50 GBPS and if the above-listed features are introduced along with 5G then it will bring a revolution to the online world and will change the usage of the internet as we know it. The gaming sector will be benefited the most because of this.


Chatbots can help in solving the grievances of the customers without the need for any human interactions. It can work in both audio and text formats for better assistance to the users. The chatbot is being used actively for customer support services. It is developed in such a way that it can record some key phrases to provide the best answer to the seeker.


The ecosystem of app development is improving day by day. New and innovative features are being used by the developers to create an app for their clients that can provide the best user experience to smartphone users. The above-listed features are being introduced to create an app that can serve the needs of the users easily and quickly.

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