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Free hosting providers for front-end & back-end applications

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Hey developers, I have created the list of free web hosting service providers. I have checked each and every website in the past weeks!
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hosting providers

Freemium Resources

Premium providers

  • AWS
  • GCP
  • Digitalocean
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Vultr
  • Alibaba Cloud
  • Linode

Final thoughts

  • Use VERCEL for any front-end application as well as medium-level backend apps.

  • Use HEROKU for any level backend apps.

  • Other websites are also useful when you are deploying static sites. But I recommend you to go through each website and find which one suits your project.

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There is also forge.laravel.com (For Laravel & PHP) and cleaver.cloud (For Adonis, Node and PHP).

They are not pure hosting platforms.But they abstract the work of managing infra and deploying apps by connecting to your AWS, Digital Ocean or Linode accounts.

The plus point is. I can continue using AWS and offload the work of writing custom scripts to Cleaver and Forge


Thanks for sharing dude! I will add those websites in google keep so that I will refer it back!


AWS S3 free tier for frontend app ✔️


You're right! We could use GCP, Azure, Aws as well! But It has 1year trial period only right?


There are "always free" tiers for AWS S3 and GCP Storage. I assume Azure also has one, but can't say for sure without checking. The free tiers are large enough that no one with a small personal site is going to come close to them.

Azure has 1 year free trial. It supports static sites and nodejs also. Large hosting providers are worth to deploy larger apps actually. But heroku, vercel will be useful when we are doing our own projects.


Yep, on AWS you get 5 GB free S3 storage for 12 month. Not sure about the other providers, but it should be very similar.


I would add HelioHost - Free Community-driven Hosting - heliohost.org/ - PHP, ASP.NET - Java - Ruby on Rails - DJango - Python - Perl

  • I found this website on free-for.dev/ & I was disappointed because it has no nodejs!

wow! Defintely use this provider! thanks dude!


Well i guess "pythonanywhere.com" is always missed. They're super awesome for small to medium projects.


I should try this website to host some project today. After checking it, I will add it

  • If I missed some websites, reply those websites!

fast.io is also worth trying for all small front-end needs..


How did I forget this website? Thanks for saying this website dude. I will add this website in the list.


I dont know exact difference. Will you say it?


Great that you listed Github Pages, too!
I host my website and blog (👉 wicki.io/posts) there too with static generated HTML. I love most about it that I don't feel locked-in by the tech.


Github pages are supporting the creator by giving easier deployment techniques. But I never deployed anything in github pages bcz I never learned how to deploy in it. But recently I did. Thank you for your comment!


Thanks for sharing, these are nice resources.


I would add neocities.org to the hosting list. It has a HUGE amount of space if you pay the tiny fee. But totally free also for anyone.


Tmrw I will try neocities and If everything is successful like hosting then I will add in the list! Thank you suggesting it dude!


There is kintohub.com for full stack apps and static sites too. It also supports multiple environments and databases


I tried kintohub to deploy static and backend app (nodejs), but the application shows unhealthy status. Let me try one more time and find whether it suits!